YYJ Phenom vs Duncan Barracuda

So, my next throw will be probably be either a Duncan or YYJ. Any ideas? I prefer throws that are heavier on the string. Right off the bat, I like the wider width on the Barracuda a little better. I haven’t heard much about either one of these, and the price doesn’t matter much.

Also, can you take the caps off the sides of the Phenom? I’m not sure if they’ll end up bugging me.


YYj phenom, yes u could take off the caps

Thanks, can you elaborate a little? I’ll take a brick on a string over a feather on a string any day of the week.

Well yyj phenom is design for fast play yet it mickys signature throw, it excels in horizontal and normal string tricks. More details in this review http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=6464

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I’m going to have to throw in another vote for the Phenom. I have one, and it plays beautifully! Personally it’s a great weight, and it’s really easy to nail tricks because pretty much the whole yoyo is catch zone. I think it’s really comfortable, I think it plays well, and it’s pretty quick. ;D

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Personally, im going to totally throw you off and tell you to go with a Onedrop Burnside. Its DEFINETELY more rim weighted than a phenom ot barracuda.

PLUS, now yye carries the GZR version, which is 7075 aluminum instead of 6065 aluminum. A more dense material. Brickish to an extent, but very comfortable and manuverable. Either way, both meet your preferences. The GZR is $105 i think, and the normal is $85-$95. This yoyo defines bang for your buck!

You could also go with a Onedrop code 2, which quite similar to the burnside but with a few differences.
its more floaty then the burnside, and also has grooves in the catch zone of the yoyo. A bit more expensive, the GZR is not in stock and is like $130 i think and the normal is $100.

But personally, the more brickish burnside is for you.

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Thanks much everyone.

Superbreh: I’ve already got a Burnside and a Code 2 – I love em both. The 7075 Burnside came out a few days after I bought the regular one. :frowning:

As for the Phenom vs Cuda, that Yoyoskills review looks good. And I’m digging the aesthetics of the Phenom a little more (I’m so superficial I know!), and it already comes with a KK to balance out the price a little.

I eventually would like to have the best of what each company has to offer. I know I’ll be broke by the time I hit that mark. :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants to chime in, please do.

Good choice :wink:

Barracuda all the way. I played one at VA States and was super impressed.
One of the top 2 yoyos I tried that day, which is quite good, seeing as the top two were the Barracuda and General Yo Majesty (which has to be one of the greatest yoyos ever created)

Depends if you’re fast player of if you’re more on the technical side

Phenom if you want to go really fast. Cuda if you want to go plain old fast.

Great, thanks for the responses! So, what I’m hearing is that they’re equally good but the Phenom can hit warp speed? Does that imply that the Cuda is a slightly more stable?

The Cuda will be more stable, as well as cheaper, but the Phenom can go insanely fast. It is faster than other throws considered to be speed demons like the Anglam. You probably won’t be able to utilize the speed unless you are a demigod like Mickey or Jensen.

Thanks Yonut, that’s good to know. But, now I’m back to square one – stuck in the middle. I went down to the Wizard’s chest to see what they had, and was able to try out the Phenomizm, but no Phenom or Barracuda. :frowning: Oh well, I’m sure I’ll end up with both eventually…

MY phenomizm is incredibly stable so if they are similar go with the phenom

I’ve tried both, and the Phenom kills the Phenomizm.

Mctron, now you absolutely must get a Phenom to supersede your Phenomizm. :wink: j/k

Part of the reason why I like the phenomizm is that the rims are plastic.