YYJ New Breed: A High Speed YoYo Review

This review is written by the newest member to the High Speed YoYo team, Jared. He asked if he could try his hand at reviewing a yo-yo and I think he did an awesome job. You can expect more reviews from him in the future.

Eric Koloski has been an innovator in the scene since he began competing in 1999. His constantly evolving style was pushing the limits of his first signature yoyo, the K-OS, and a new yoyo was needed to fit his quick and technical style of play. YoYoJam has been known for working with a plastic known as celcon, and it was decided that Eric’s new signature yoyo would be the first to implement this plastic with their well-known aluminum rims, while still being fairly affordable. Thus, the New Breed was born.

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Please feel free to leave me some feedback! I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks again Chris ^^

i love this yoyo so much. i have tried one and it’s AWESOME. thanks for the review, i will buy one SOON :smiley:

well done! I wish all yoyo reviews were this honest. Love your guys’ site too btw.