YYJ Legacy

Hey, I have a Protostar and love it, and was wondering how a Legacy compared to it. Thanks in advance,

I have the DM2 and it’s pretty clear to most that this is a favorite of mine. As the Legacy II is supposed to be a plastic version of the DM2, it should come as no surprise that I like this yoyo as well. However, the Protostar weighs more, larger diameter and bigger width. I actually do like my Protostar a lot more than my Legacy II. Also, it has to do with weight distribution and where and HOW the weight is distributed. I think the Legacy II uses essentially a washer to push weight to the outside of the yoyo. The Protostar uses a metal weight right than not only pushes weight to the outside, it does so by concentrating the weight at the rims where it needs to be, rather than just across the outside. The weight on the Protostar is exactly where you want it and how you need it. I won’t comment on the CenterTrack bearing it uses as I feel it was selected for a reason. The location of the weight on the Protostar helps it stay balanced and stabilized better and also enables longer spins

The only plus I see is that the Legacy II can use a slim bearing, where-as the Protostar cannot. Chances are, if you’re looking at the Protostar anyways, unresponsive play is more important to you anyways.

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Cool, I think I’m going to pick up a red Legacy II.