YYJ Legacy and Legacy 2

What are the differences between the 2?

Primarily the axle setup. The original Legacy has the traditional YYJ molded bearing seat and threaded brass inserts for the axle to screw in to. The Legacy II has the YYJ solid spin axle setup. I have both and that is all I can see between them. I think the new axle setup makes for a smoother yoyo.

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The legacy 2 is also a tad wider than the first one, and is also ~4 grams lighter. Here’s a few pics
(green is the legacy 2)

I don’t have a scale so I couldn’t say for sure that the Legacy II was lighter, but it did feel a bit lighter on the string. I actually felt it played better, but have always attributed that to the new axle setup, but it could very well be the weight difference. I always felt that the original was a bit too heavy.

Preinfalk…good attention to detail on that one.

Legacy II is wider because it has a bigger gap. It is certainly smoother, but has more of a “thunk” when you throw it. Not sure which I like better.