Legacy II

My favorite throw just got better. I am very stoked.

I’m gonna start saving up.

Any pictures?

Are they just putting a Solid Spin axle in or they changing the body up too?

I’d love to see what this’ll look like.

solid spin is their only modification to the yoyo.

Okay cool.

I really like the look of the Legacy II.
Gonna try hard to get one.

I just wish YYJ would reproduce the Black Knight without the starburst.
I’ve been a fan of the shape for years.


Go to the shop section! It’s there. I heard about this from YYE’s Facebook page.

Find a friend that likes pure starburst and trade halves w/him. That’s what I did.

not true, it’s got some spec changes

Diameter (mm) 55.40mm
Width (mm) 40.32mm
Weight (g) 70.30g
Gap Width (mm) 4.22mm

Legacy ll:
Diameter: 55.02 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 42.04 mm / 1.65 inches
Gap Width: 4.57 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 66.2 grams
Narrow and Speed Bearings

It’s lost 4grams. I’m excited to try this. The og legacy was the yoyo that got me into yoyoing. I have one on the way from another site. I’ll post pics of both side by side.

Didn’t the original Legacy also have mold marks on the inside walls, much like the Lyn Fury? The Legacy II seems to be free of mold marks, perhaps repositioned under the caps instead.

And solid spin axle…what exactly is the “Solid Spin Axle” feature anyway?

I think it means you can change the bearing if you buy the slim bearing, but not sure.

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Ummm. It comes w/the slim bearing.

The solid spin axle is a new axle design over the older YYJ style. The bearing seat is machined into the threaded insert that the axle screws in to. In the older design the bearing seat is machined in to the shell.

Solid spin setup:

Older design:

This is cool. I used to have the original Legacy, and before it broke, it was my favorite. I learned all through the intermediate section of tricks and the advanced section. Looking forward to getting one, but maybe ill wait, I would like to see what other colors they will have.

Darn, I’m sort of disappointed, the only reason I ever wanted a legacy was so that I could get to see what the dark magic felt like (it was before my time).

My guess is that the new one is pretty much the same as the old one.
I don’t think you’ll be able to tel the difference.

Oops i didn’t read the specs on it so i didn’t know.

Ok, so these are the comparison pics

As you can see, as of now, there’s no changes to the caps that shows that it is indeed a legacy 2. The other side (since this is the one from Nats) has the Nats symbol.

As you can see here, the Legacy 1 has a tad higher height. It’s not much, but I figured it was worth noting.

As you can see here, the Legacy ll is wider than the original Legacy. The shape is the exact same, but you can see the difference when put next to each other.

Now, here’s the biggest change. The guts. As you can see, the mold marks from the Legacy 1 are gone. The Legacy ll uses the same response in all of the new Yoyojam yoyos; those white silicone pads. The addition of the Solid-Spin Axle system is also new. Another thing I have noticed is that the axle is just a tad thicker now. I tried to screw half of the 1 and 2 together. It did not work.

The Legacy 2 turns out to be 4 grams lighter than the Legacy 1. This changes the play. It plays faster and a tad less solid than the og Legacy. It’s relatively smooth thanks to the SSA system. If you loved the og Legacy for it’s heaviness and solidness, you may be a tad disappointed. Even though it says Legacy, this is a new yoyo. For it’s price, it works great as a beginner yoyo as well as an expert’s choice.

I’m going to change this post up a little and add it to the Review section as well.

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Thanks for the comparison pix. You answered alot of my questions!

do you have to use silicone pads? Can you use flowable silicone?

Of course you can use flowable.

Wow. Thanks for the comparison Prein! I’m thrilled.