Legacy ll review

Ok, so this is a review of the new Legacy ll


I have the new Pre-release of the Legacy 2, so here’s a Review along with comparison shots with the Legacy 1

Specs: Got from YYE
Diameter: 55.02 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 42.04 mm / 1.65 inches
Gap Width: 4.57 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 66.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YYJ Speed Bearing (5x10x4 mm)
Also Includes Narrow Bearing
Response: YYJ Silicone O-Ring
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)

As you can see, as of now, there’s no changes to the caps that shows that it is indeed a legacy 2. The other side (since this is the one from Nats) has the Nats symbol.

As you can see here, the Legacy 1 has a tad higher height. It’s not much, but I figured it was worth noting. It’s still considered a full size yoyo.

As you can see here, the Legacy ll is wider than the original Legacy. The shape is the exact same, but you can see the difference when put next to each other. Since it’s a wider yoyo, it’s pretty easy to hit tricks on.

Now, here’s the biggest change. The guts. As you can see, the mold marks from the Legacy 1 are gone. The Legacy ll uses the same response in all of the new Yoyojam yoyos; those white silicone pads. They provide nice tight binds. The addition of the Solid-Spin Axle system is also new.

The Legacy 2 turns out to be 4 grams lighter than the Legacy 1 (I have not ripped the caps off to take a look at the new weight rings). This changes the play. It plays faster and a tad less solid than the og Legacy. It’s relatively smooth thanks to the SSA system. It’s got pep in it. Thumb grinds are near impossible thanks to the caps, but some people with long thumb nails may be able to pull one off. Despite being plastic, it grinds fairly well. I’d say better than raw metal even.

Even though it says Legacy, this is a new yoyo. For it’s price, it works great as a beginner yoyo as well as an expert’s choice. I’d say pick one up. It’s cheap, and for the price, it’d be hard to beat.

I’ve never thrown a Legacy but being as it’s made of Celcon, it does tend to feel ‘silky.’ My Lyn Fury actually grinds pretty decent for being a plastic…possibly one of the best $13 I spent on a yoyo (tying with Duncan’s FH2010).

Just moving the mold marks alone to possibly under the caps instead of being on the walls looks like a huge improvement. It’s not an issue now since I wore down the excess plastic but my LF buzzed/vibed a bit due to the little bits of excess sticking out of the 4 marks. However, they wore off after a couple weeks. Eventually, I think I may want to try one of these out.

The Legacy is one of the nicest yoyos ive ever used. I dont consider it a yoyo just for getting into unresponsive play, its a yoyo that can take you through your whole yoyo career. I cant wait to try a Legacy 2 !!
Still, I`m a little bit dissapointed about the cap design.
Why not take pride in the fact that you actually created a sequel for one of the most loved yoyos out there ?
Oh, and nice review :smiley: !

  Iv'e tried one at the Florida State Yoyo Contest 2012 and it was awesome. I used Jarret Pond's he's a YYJ apprentice :). It's really smooth and fast so it's great for my style of play. Another thing I love about this yoyo is they have so many different colors. I'm getting a white with pink caps. I recommend this yoyo to everyone!!!

would u trade either of them

Does he have them still?

He made this in October 2011.

Old post.

I was almost going to get one of these earlier but YYJ didn’t have any :frowning:
I instead went with a Dark Magic 2 since they’re pretty much the same shape, just set up differently.

Thanks, I’m now considering one