YYJ Legacy 3

I’ve had a legacy 3 for some time now and I love it. I’ve kept it responsive because I have some OD unresponsive throws and I like have a no brain throw when I only have a minute or two of play time. I I’ve practiced must of what I know on either a hornet or y factor. The legacy helped me bridge the gape with weight and throwing control. I did learn break away, double or nothing and such but have never been able to do say an atomic bomb or ripcord with it. It just seems too responsive. I’ve played with it a lot in the past year but my string control just won’t seem to let me use it as an intermediate string trick yoyo. Is there anything that I can do to use it for string tricks and keep it responsive? I’m tired of busting my figures but don’t want another unresponsive yoyo. I realize some of the issue is my sloppy string control.

If you’re into responsive check out this little edit I made: https://vimeo.com/121625117

I recommend to keep up the responsive play and practice!


Keep in mind that the tricks you mention, as well as many other popular tricks were developed as well as performed well on responsive yoyos.

I feel like in today’s yoyoing world that many people overlook responsive when getting into the hobby. They instantly go into unresponsive or spend very little time in responsive. I think there is a lot of good to come with challenging yourself to learn stuff on responsive. Responsive yoyos don’t take the slop that unresponsive do. You actually have to take the time to make the tricks smooth and flow more.

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Thanks for the responses. I agree and want to improve which is why I mentioned my own shortcomings. I will continue to practice with my beloved legacy 3. I appear to have a mental block for the legacy 3. I learned a great deal of tricks on a Duncan hornet and then got the legacy. I learned basic mounts and how to maneuver a bind with the legacy and love to play so ended up with a OD. It has all been a replacement for smoking so I have no style or favorites. It just appeared that the legacy was much more responsive compared to the hornet and One. I ultimately like the legacy more and greatly enjoy the ease of making a mistake but do encounter finger pain when providing accidental slack. It also great reduces spin time for me on mounts. My lack of availabile mentors has proved counter productive. I will go all responsive for a few weeks and see how I progress. I’m in it for fun and fluid motion. Fun is easy fluid motion is hard.

I will take advice.

So a possible problem is string choice. I have some kitty string, slick 6 and YYE intermediate. Is it possible I have a thick string problem? I can trapeze or split bottom or double or nothing but lose spin almost immediately, almost immediately. One brain twist and no more spin. My thinnest string almost completely fills the gap. Loop 360, Hornet and the YYF One (borrowed the One for a day) don’t seem to fill the gap as much.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but if you clean the bearing, and very lightly lube the bearing, or don’t lube at all, the Legacy will be unresponsive. Your problem also may be that you have the responsive bearing in it. New they came with two bearings, a narrow one, for responsive play, and a wider one, for unresponsive play. The wider one is what is commonly called a “C” bearing (.250 w x .500 od x .187 id).

I cleaned the bearing the other day and ran it dry for a little and then put a half drop of thin lube on it. I am running the stock bearing. I want the yoyo responsive just not break my fingers responsive. I can manage a brain twister with a proyo (some of the time) and with a loop 360 without the yoyo climbing the string or snapping back. The legacy will not let me get very far past a front mount or split bottom mount without returning at full force or going dead. I can also do a handful of string tricks with a hornet. There could be several issues. I’m sure I am the main issue but the Legacy has zero forgiveness compared to my looping throws and the YYF One that I got to try out.

I want to keep it responsive so I can play around with it and do more than basic mounts. I just struggle with this particular yo yo because it beats the stew out of my fingers with the slightest motion. I’m seeking out to make it more user friendly without making it unresponsive. I have another bearing, I will swap them and see if that helps but I seem to recall trying that once already.

What do you consider the “stock” bearing, the narrow one? If you have the wider one it will play responsive with a bit of lube but it will be easier on your knuckles.

By wider, I mean the one that is .25 in. wide, the narrow bearing is .125 in. wide.

It is great to see such fluid responsive play!

Reminds me of the old sector y videos I watched years ago, but now in HD.

The narrow bearing from shipment is the .125.

I will lube up a .25 and give it a go. I will report back with my results.

This makes me happy! Nice and smooth. Very rare to see this nowadays from what im seeing!

Try the other bearing as suggested. That will give you a more forgiving gap.

But also, you might enjoy the Velocity. You can dial it in right to your liking. It’s not the most stable, but with practice, you can do a lot with it.