legacy problem

ok so when i got my first yoyo i didint know how to bind and i said oh thats going to be easy to learn. so when i got it i tried to get it back up it didnt come up. so the i asked my friend to see if he could fix it so he put the string on the bearing and it got jammed so the string was stuck and the yoyo went up and down. so then the bearing switch sides so the nail thing was alone and the bearing was alone. so my dad fixed it. but i still thought it was broke because it was un responssive not knowing that there is responssive yoyos and un responssive. so i bought the dm and got some thick lube. i tested it on my legacy and it came up. but now yoyoing for 2 months i wantmy legacy to be unresponnsive because im on advanced part 1. wats should i do. should i get a new bearing

no you should not get a bearing if you want it to be unresponsive do one of these things :

  1. break in the bearing and it will be unresponsive
  2. clean the bearing
  3. Apply thin lube

polloyoyo12 has the right idea just clean your bearing then give it a little bit if THIN lube and it will help your yo to be less responsive

I would recommend putting just a drop (no more) of thin lube in and then play with it. It might be responsive for a little while, but just play with it and it’ll wear down and get unresponsive.