Looking for a new yoyo!!

Just getting back into it after years. Just picked up a legacy 3 and eh a bit responsive for me, but not bad. Any suggestions? Out of the loop obviously so any information and opinions are welcome. Thanks!

  • Stan

First unresponsive? I’ve never played it, but im sure 20 people who post below me will say- get a yyj classic, and get a c sized bearing with it (spec, center trak, etc) and also get flowable silicone or pads.

Did you put in the speed bearing that came with it?

The wide one I’m assuming ? Already came with it. Has that and two silicon pads in it took one out so it wasn’t so snappy . Still pretty grabby. Feels awesome besides that

Hey man!

What exactly are you looking for in your new yoyo?


Semi responsive enough to do slack tricks but be able to have response. Maybe just setting my legacy a little different . These newer yoyos are exactly that to me. Last purchase was a first generation freehand.

Hmm, i deal mostly with the unresponsive realm, but I know that you can easily change the responsiveness of your bearings with a little bit lube. Unfortunately i cant be of much help on this subject :confused: I think that your best bet is to either switch to a slim bearing or lube up your bearing, maybe try a thicker string? Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends how muck you want to spend. For $15, you can’t get better than the onestar. The Protostar is awesome for $35. For under $50, the Shutter rocks. Best all round yoyo I’ve come across is the Skyline, but it’s ******* expensive. Good luck in any case. :wink:

Speedaholic or alpha crash

If you want so spend some more get a rally or shutter

For even more you could get a werrd eighty six 400

I’d say start with a onestar they r awesome for the cost. I really enjoy them. Especially since if u mess it up it was only 15 bucks and it plays really well for the cost.

I get the feeling we’re dealing with someone who doesn’t yet know how to bind.

The Legacy III bearing(slim stock bearing) will make the yoyo play responsive. Perhaps too responsive. Clean it out with acetone and it will become less responsive sooner. Otherwise, play the bearing and the lube will break down in time, which will make the yoyo less responsive.

Another option is to pop in the YYJ Speed bearing that came with it after adding 2 drops(or more) of YYJ Thin lube to the bearing. You could also add some thick lube first, then thin to break it down easier. This will give you semi-responsive play as you migrate to unresponsive play. Try to get some help to learn the bind return as soon as convenient. I first played in 1977, and was “out of the loop” until 2011. My, how things had changed!

I don’t have a Legacy III yet. I have the Legacy II and many other YYJ’s that use the same “swappable bearing” system.

I can bind for sure. Just asking opinions on a good yoyo that’s all.

If you can bind, and you picked up a Legacy III, then the chances are you just need to clean out the wider bearing and you’ll be fine. Normally, I’ve found the Speed bearings to ship dry.

What string are you using? Hopefully not the stock string.

I’m super pleased with the Legacy II, so I imagine the III I’d also like.

If you want opinions on a good yoyo, what’s your budget? Do you have preferences? There’s amazing stuff below $20, so you don’t gotta break the bank to get a great yoyo. Alpha Crash, Speedaholid, Surge, Classic(with upgrades), PSG Gem, Asteroid. The Lyn Fury is good too, but it’s a touch small and needs to be siliconed and maybe shimmed to really play fantastic but it’s still under $20.

Higher budgets gets you more options. $50 gets you into low cost yet high performance metals. $70-75 gets you some mind-melting good metal yoyos. After that, it’s pretty much “all good”.

I do like the legacy. Was using stock string changed string. It’s breaking in and I’m starting to love it. A bit of a vibration from it but I am really enjoying it now. Thanks a lot for the info!!

Most plastics will vibe unless they’re machined