YYJ Journey Sleeping


Hello all (this is my first post so sorry if i do something wrong)

A few days ago i got a yyj journey :slight_smile: right out of the box it slept for about 1:05 and i was really happy. When i started doing tricks like around the world, forward pass, and breakaway the yoyo would not come back to my hand so i adjusted the gap and while doing so the string and the ball barring fell out. Luckly nothing was damaged maybe i put it on worng but now it only sleeps for about :15 :frowning: Thanks to all that helped


Open it up and switch the bearings. If you dont want to you could try cleaning the bearing.


Really i have only had it for a few days

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I dont think you need to clean it just yet, open the yo-yo and make sure the bearing is install properly. Clean the bearing seat and be careful when you reassemble the yo-yo.

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Make sure there is nothing in or on the bearing that will slow it down. Next check the bearing seat for the same thing. Also keep in mind, if you tightened the gap, you will get less spin time due to the string constantly touching the response. I would recommend widening your gap and learning the technique, β€œbind”. I hope this helps!! ;D


Check to see that the string is around the bearing and not next to it.


thanks to all of your replies i will try what you say