sleep time issue with YYJ vexed

I have a yyj vexed that has been giving me issues. It seems that it slows quickly as I’m performing tricks or combos. Seems like the string has friction on the wall and causing it to slow down. I have a yyf HOT that has a smaller gap, but sleeps for days! You guys think the yyj shims would make a difference??
The yyj vexed is running a kk stainless steel btw

Clean the bearing will help or try other bearings to see if it will work.

Yeah I already cleaned it. That was the first thing I did

Any other ideas??

Did you clean it right? Did you lube it? Lube slows down bearings a lot.

Maybe your using thick string? Does it make weird noises?

Answer some more questions and that will help us.

Its also possible the Solid Spin got pushed out causing a smaller gap resulting in shorter spin and more friction.

Open the yoyo up and look at the silver SP in the middle. does it look like its been pushed down or damaged? Check for damage to the bearing seat too.

i cleaned it right i believe. i let it sit in mineral spirits for 10 min, let it air dry and pushed air through it by my compressor. I put the smallest possible dab of yyj thin lube in the bearings. it spins forever.

my problem is that when i start stacking strings in a trick, it looses speed.

i am using yyf champion string (its pretty thin) and seems to work well with my other yoyos.

the yoyo doesn’t make any weird noises, nor does it wobble.

i opened it and looked at the solid spin axle, it looks fine. the threads are still well intact, its easy to screw and unscrew.

How can i tell if the bearing seat is damaged??

ONE thing i noticed though… the original yyj speed bearing that it came with, seemed like it didnt sit well in the bearing seat. It definitely wasn’t snug (is that a problem?).

but when i threw in my KK, it was snug.

O, I see the problem :).

It’s not the yoyo, it’s you.

Some tricks, say a trapeze, if you try to make the loop smaller by letting it side into the gap it’s not sliding its just sitting there causing friction and no spin time.

Try this, do a trapeze and slide the yoyo back and forth and see what happens.

Your just gaining friction from the wraps, causing the yoyo to stop.

This happens to me on my Northstar my DV888 and my Hspin Envy.

It’s just the trick or how your doing it ;.

Lol well… For example, on my yyf HOT, I can do a simple trick like skin the gerbil and take my time. As for my yyj vexed, i have to rush it. Maybe I’m just used to my HOT, since that’s my primary. I dunno! Haha

For skin the gerbil, when you do the flip like a Matrix, then you double on. That’s what’s slowing the yoyo down.

A yoyo like the HOT has a wide gap so many layers of string won’t effect string time.

A VEX has a smaller gap and angular shape and is also plastic, therefor when doing a double rap the string is touching the pads and plastic causing it to slow down immediately.

With the HOT two layers of string just sit in the middle, so they don’t touch the sides and don’t slow the yoyo down.

O yeah, another thing, a hot has a concave.

So your problem here is just the trick and the yoyo.

Small gap and layers if string cause the string to rub against the sides slowing it down immediately.

Your hot has a wider shape and a larger gap, therefor causing less friction for layers of string without slowing it down.

I have a bunch of wide gap and small gap yoyos and I still can’t do Skin The Gerbil without the yoyos slowing down in between.

Another trick is try not to push the string in the gap.

Shims probably would help :).

is the HOT a flat or centertrack? Those allow for more layers more easily

when you use a kk it layers dirrectly on top of each other

The HOT comes with a Center Trac bearing which is the same type as a KK.

A flat bearing is flat___

Try changing bearings, also don’t waste money on shims, just make some.

CT’s and KK’s are way different. CT’s have a groove that flattens out on the bottom, centering the string but not causing it to bunch. It still hurts heavy strings wraps. Kk’s are grooved but don’t flatten out at the bottom, centering the string even more and causing it to bunch up, which causes it to hurt wraps more than a CT. A centered string means the string doesn’t rub the response as much, helping spin.