Response problem

I got the YYJ Phenom for Christmas, and I completely love it. The only problem is that the unresponsive play, lasted for about a day, I could yank and pull and tug on it all I wanted to and it wouldn’t come back no matter what (unless I binded it) but now its just coming back with the slightest tug of the string, any time I try to do a trick it snaps back and hits my knuckles. I bought the thin YYJ lube and it came in today, I applied it and it didn’t help at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is the yoyo defective? I’m rather concerned seeing as it did cost over a hundred dollars only to do the same thing that one from the nearest walmart could do for $7. Please help me out.

Have you tried cleaning the bearing or replaced it with another?

Yeah sure you put lube in the bearing but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to put just a tiny bit in it. And that may be after you clean it. Try cleaning it…

yeah try cleaning your bearing in mineral spirits and then just putting a little tiny drop of thin lube on it.

Which YYJ lube did you get? Thick or thin? You SHOULD be using thin. Even so, just a drop will do it. You won’t need to do this very often, maybe once a month at most. Chances are every 2 months.

Clean the bearing. Half a drop of YYJ thin lube to the de-shielded bearing, replace shields, go play. Break in the bearing good and go have fun.

any kind of lube will make the bearin’ more responsive. you’re introducin’ a viscous liquid into a high rpm mechanism - it’s goin’ to slow it down. this has been my experience, anyway.

i’ve always understood that lube was to ‘maintain’ the bearin’. keep it from lockin’ up, help it to still roll when debris is present, etc. the more lube, the more response…as aforementioned.

it sounds like you may have some debris in the bearin’. try cleanin’ it, or go w/ a bearin’ you know to be unresponsive.

new string will also add response to a yo yo. and lastly, look at your response. and check to see if any adhesive or silicone is where it shouldn’t be. AnY pads are notorious for gettin’ adhesive everywhere eventually - but i still love 'em :slight_smile:



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