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ok so i just got a yyj atmosphere and well i guess when i wasnt home my bro was using it and he hit the floor a couple of times and now my yoyo is responsive?? how can i change that because when i try and yoyo it comes back up or dies rly fast.

(edit) so i found out my bro only hit it like 2 times but it wasnt that hard it was like a little tap to the floor both times. so whats wrong with my yoyo??

Most likely the bearing is breaking in. Does it make crackling noises? Is it louder than normal? If yes, then the bearing is just breaking in which is completely normal. Just keep playing with it and and add some thin lube if you have it (thin lube is optional).

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so your saying just add a little think lube and keep yoyoing and it should be all good?

Thin lube? Yes. Sooner or later it will stop the breaking in and will continue being unresponsive. My friend’s legacy was responsive, so I put 1 drop of thin lube and did some gyros and some tricks and it was unresponsive.

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What kind of lube is that???

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To OP: Thin lube is sold out at YYE, but if you go to your local sewing shop and ask for Sewing Machine Oil, you can use that.

u can also use trumpet valve oil

Even minor hits can kill a bearing. Mostly it only happens to bearings that should have never passed QC.