how do i make it sleep longer


hi guys,
i got a new yo yesterday and its not sleeping very long.
i know i need to break the bearing in but is there any faster way of doing this apart from buying thin lube/lighter fluid etc.

any ideas?


What yoyo is it btw? Anyway, If you don’t have those liquids, then you can just deshield it, and use compressed air, and blow all the stuff out of there. If not, just break into it naturally.


the x-convict.

(Frank W.) #4

My x-convict to a while to really break in so it just takes time, i also cleaned it with alcohol then put some thin lube in it this might help a little more besides just playing with it.


Hydrogen Peroxide


Thin lube helps it to break in faster, it also increases the life of your bearing. I personally don’t like using mineral spirits, alchohol, or lighter fluid.
If that doesn’t work, wearing in or cutting your o-ringscan help reduce friction between the string and your yo-yo.


thanks guys


Has water in it. Makes it very likely to rust.


This will take pretty long,especually with the new YYJ stock bearings.
just play!