YYF Grind Master help

i get a grind master a few days ago and it was great out of the box, but after about 4-5 days it’s not sleeping so well anymore. what could be wrong?

i forgot to say, when the yoyo is sleeping it turns on the string as well (if that makes sence), i end up following it round trying to bind it straight.

Its probably a grind machine first of all. Just work on your throw :slight_smile:

This happens with every single yoyo. The company puts a special kind of lube on it that immediatly makes it sleep long, as you break it in, instead of it sleeping longer, it sleeps slower. To fix this;

Clean your bearing with mineral spirits and apply some thin lube

probably a stupid question but would mineral spirits include white spirit? just checking.
also in the discription of the thin lube on this site it says that it will slow the bearing when it’s but on a clean bearing, this would just be temporary right? also, since i’m only a beginner/intermediate level should i use the thick lube?

lube does not make the bearing spin longer i think it makes it last longer on a tad more responsive
to the op i dont know about the white spirit but if you are beginner/intermediate then you should use thick lube if you want it to be more responsive

Soak your bearing in Mineral Spirits or Lighter Fluid for like 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off and spin it for like 5-10 minutes then pop it back in your yoyo and play, it will be a dry bearing which means it will wear faster, however you wont have to deal with the infamous lube maintenance. I know a lot of you are going to say I am wrong or not to do that, it is up to you, but all of my yoyo’s are treated this way and work perfectly fine.

well, i’d like the bearing to last as long as posible. there is’nt really anywhere i can go to get a new one around here unless i go buy another yoyo and take the bearing from that. at the moment it looks like the bearing is stuck in the yoyo and i dont want to rish breaking it. do i just yank it out?

If you clean it for that long it will rust. I recommend lighter fluid. Just shake it around for about 15 seconds and then take it out and wipe it a little and spin the bearing on the yoyo for about a minute and then thin lube it and start playing with it. Always make sure the string is on the bearing. After that it should be fine. If not, just buy another SPEC bearing.

There’s also a yo-yo called Grind Master. Just saying

my bad then :slight_smile:

There is so much bad and completely wrong information in this thread.


ah, oops it is a Grind Machine. sorry every one :smiley:

i did knock it a couple of days ago, is this a problem? the bearing is ratteling.

DO NOT USE WHITE SPIRIT. It will eat your bearing alive.

Wow. that is all I can say. All of this bearing stuff is based on preference. All we can do is say what each of us personally does. Just soak the bearing in mineral spirits/lighter fluid for a little while (notice I’m vauge with the time, just dont leave it in for a long time) then you have the choice of putting thick of thin lube on it. It is all your choice. Also, bearings are rather resiliant and you can’t screw them up too badly as long as you soak them in one of the things I said earlier.

and this isn’t preference?