Grind Machine Question

Just recently bought a GM. Ive read everywhere that its a great throw and the bearing is awesome from the get go. Maybe I got a bad bearing but this thing doesnt sleep well at all. Any tips to make it better or any answers as to why its not sleeping that well?

Lube it up well, i’ve had a grind machine for more than a year and it is normally a great throw. I would suggest doing what I said and lube it, and if you can, change the string, and loosen it every couple of throws.

That’s my advice.

Do NOT Lube it up. First clean your bearing. (Just search the Fourm for how to clean a bearing) Is the bearing itself spinning roughly? If its that clean it. If its responsive clean it. Did you get it from a store or B/S/T? Best option is to clean then add your lube (Make sure it’s Thin Lube).Do NOT LUBE IT UP. To much lube slows the bearing down and makes it responsive for a long time. Use a PIN and dip it in your lube, then des girls the bearing and touch the pin to a few Balls then spin and if its still rough do the spin touch method 1-2 more times. Then break it in with general play.


The bearing spins fine. Ill definately give that a try. It just seems like it dies out from sleeping quickly. My Duncan Metal drifter with a stock bearing sleeps longer to be honest. I bought it from a local store, could that have anything to do with it?

If it had been dropped or damaged yes. But is your string on right? I’d your bearing sitting on BOTH spacers? Because if it spins smooth but does not get spin times then something is touching/affecting the bearing. Can you take a picture of both yoyo halves unscrewed so I can see the response bearing ect? If it spins smooth do not lube it or clean it. Also is the bearing unusually loud?