Help! Bearing stuck in grind machine!

I just bought a Stackless grind machine and I noticed it was acting responsive after a few weeks so I go to take the bearing out to lube and it’s stuck in between the little metal rim things that go in the yoyo sides. It’s not moving at all. I lubed it a bit but it’s still not as fast as it was when I got it. Has this happened to anyone?

It happens to everyone.

Watch this:


Also, LESS lube. Lube does slow the bearing down. Yeah, serious.

EVERYONE IS RIGHT, check for dirt and hair while you at it. And as studio mentioned, “a pinhead of lube”. Good luck! ::slight_smile:

Is Studio42 multiple people now?

Yup :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: JK

Mine was pretty hard to remove actually, sat on the spacers pretty snug. In the process of removing them using the push pin, I actually dinged up the spacer as they are pretty soft. Luckily it hasn’t affected play.

No I’m not

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Again, no I’m not.