Any reviews on this yoyo?? ???


I’m working on one. I’m forced to have a down span the next few days so some stuff like that is going to be posted.

Quick review: I’m enjoying this yoyo. A classic-inspired shape designed with full modern play in mind. Wow!


Great! cant wait to see it… ;D


wow… I saw this thread and I was thinking “FINALLY, A REVIEW FOR THE H3X!!! YESS!!!” cuz you know… this is the yoyo REVIEWS thread… kinda disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. I’ll try to post it Saturday. I have an “emergency review” that a manufacturer requested that I do, and that is tonight’s project. I’ll finish the H3X review Friday and have it Saturday, I promise.

I saw this yoyo in red on Andre’s yoyo holder. It looks so much prettier in red! Must have!!


Me 2!!!