YYJ Fiesta XX Vibration And Other Question

Been a lurker here for quite a while. Ive been throwing now and then for about a year. I’d say im still novice though. Anyways…

Ive owned the YYJ Go Big for the longest time and loved it so much, I ordered a Fiesta XX to have a different throw for comparison. I have been throwing it for about two days now to try and break the bearing in, but something I have noticed is that the string vibrates a good amount (whereas my Go Big doesn’t do this at all), and is particularly loud when the yoyo is idle. When the yoyo gets down to the lower speeds, I can see that it starts to wobble as if its off center or one side weighs more than the other. Its weird. It makes the spin time not long enough to perform even the simplest of tricks for very long.

So I was wondering if this is something that is part of the break in period, or if I have some sort of defective model?

Also another question. It seems like the axle for the Fiesta is screwed into one of the sides of the yoyo. Is this normal? With my Go Big it is fairly easy to take off the axle, but with the Fiesta I cant unscrew it off the one side.

If the Fiesta is vibrating so much that it isn’t playing properly then something is definitely wrong.

When you throw the Fiesta and touch it with your fingernail does the vibe lessen? If so, it may just be an issue with your throw. If touching it does not change the vibe then there is probably something wrong with the yo-yo.

Did you purchase it from us? If you did give us a call or send us an email and we can help you out!

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New throws will usually come with a stuck axle. Just play with it for a while and it’ll eventually loosen. If it really bothers you that much, then you can take a wrench or a pair of pliers, cover the axle with a tissue or napkin (to protect it), and unscrew it with a little bit of force. Always works for me.