YYJ Fiesta Review

this was my First Offstring Yoyo. I decided that I should start a New Style. Plus, I don’t want to be one of those poeple who can only do 1a. I want to be able to do atleast 1 more Style. And I thought it would add more chance of me getting Sponsored if Im good at more then 1 style. So, I got the YYJ Fiesta. I heard they were really good. Yesterday, I got it in the mail. I was Pretty Excited.

First Throws:
My first Throws with a Real 4a Yoyo were Incredible. Everytime I landed a Trick, It felt Great. I realized its not like Yoyoing. Its More then that. I found out that I am pretty Much a Natural at 4a. It was a Smooth yoyo, and it slept really Well. It was ok if it hit the floor. I just wounded it back up and start playing with it again, and it didn’t leave any Marks.

It is a Very Solid Playing 4a Yoyo. I have played with a Big-Yo, but it was my Friend’s Big-Yo. Compared to the Big-Yo, the Fiesta beets it by Far. The Big-Yo is a lot harder to throw, and it doesn’t sleep that long. But, the Fiesta does Everything the Big-Yo can do, but A lot Better. Sorry, I got off Topic. But, The Fiesta is the one you want of you are an Advanced 4a player, or if you want to start 4a. Its a Great Yoyo. I rate the Play 9/10 for 4a. For Smoothness, 8/10. For Long Sleeping, 8/10. Its a Very Solid Playing Yoyo.

I got the Lime Green Color, and it looks Great! Especially since its my Favorite Color. I think the Yoyo looks Amazing. No Matter What Color.


Like I said a Bunch of times, its a Solid, Smooth, Long Sleeping, Good Looking, Great Playing 4a Yoyo. And, Its Only $22.50! Every 4a Player should have this Yoyo. Overall, I rate this Yoyo a 9/10 for 4a.
Thanks for Reading my Review, and Tell me what you think. :wink:

wow! nice review!

its awesome to see that your progressing and that your yoyo collection is building, and your learning life lessons in the process :slight_smile:

Good review I always wanted a fiesta

its my fourth day of 4a with my fiesta, I can do thumbgrind to whip bind :open_mouth: Excellent review, got a little off topic but thats okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Review. :wink: