YYJ Equivalent of a YYF Whip.

Just like the title says guys

what exactly do you mean?

Well, the cheapest throw they have right now is the Prelude so that’s likely the closest. And it can take K-pads (and probably flowable silicone) as well.

YYJ has several “near equivalents” to the Whip. First, they don’t have anything in that shape, so nothing you can do about that. As far as K-Pads, I’m not going to go researching what will and won’t fit. The YYJ silicone o-rings work great and many can be siliconed.

I’ll eliminate a few just based on the hybrid response system for your purposes. I’m going to get some of these for myself, including the Kickside and Speed Maker.

That really leaves it down to the Lyn Fury and siliconing it, and the Pinnacle and not using the counterweight. Both are heavier than the Whip and cost more. I think the weight will play to your advantage.

There’s also the Journey with its dual o-rings and adjustable gap, but I’m not a major fan of adjustable gaps because I find myself constant tweaking it. There is also the Prelude, which is only lacking by not including a second bearing in the package. The Prelude comes with the thin bearing but can be upgraded to a SPEC bearing of your choice, so in those regards, it’s a bit more like the ONE than the Whip.

I have the Whip and I like it, but it’s just too light, lacking the weight to really keep spinning a super long time for those longer tricks unless you’re super accurate with a perfectly level throw. I am lacking in both those areas right now. But for the price, it really can’t be beat. I don’t want to get into a YYJ/YYF battle/debate, I will just say I like YYJ better when it comes to my personal preferences. I was pretty much going to suspend future YYF purchases but after trying some of their other metals, I’ve changed my mind a bit.

If you still want to be cheap, why not also consider the Adegle PSG and/or Asteroid. Both are absolutely amazing yoyos and play far above their asking price(like, they compete with the Protostar/Northstar in regards to performance, and those two compete with metals!) Yes, there’s some amazing stuff in the under-$20 market.