YYJ dragonjam

I was browsing looking for a yoyo that is a bit cheaper than a legacy for my friends little bro(and he cant bind anyways).I was wondering,how responsive is it?

Well, it’s butterfly, so its not going to be super responsive, but I think good enough. You’ll still have to bind though, but if he wants to actually yoyo, he’ll need to learn how to bind. If I were you, I’d get him a Journey for a few extra bucks, but a DragonJam is fine. If you really think he won’t bind, go with a looping. Is this a surprise or something? Because if not, just ASK HIM.

I am going to recommend the yoyo that grows with you. The Velocity. You can change the response setting for responsive to unresponsive and can get you to the expert tricks of the site here. Its a good choice and its cheap (sorta).

we really cant afford one right now,what about the journey,is it stock responsive,my friend is almost learing to bind.

If he IS learning how to bind as we speak, you don’t actually need a Journey. If you buy a Lyn Fury or SpeedMaker, he will learn how to bind and then in a matter of minutes it will turn unresponsive. Let me take the word from our catalog:

Anything in that price range should be good…

KickSide, Lyn Fury, Speed Maker, they’re all good.
You really can’t go wrong.

I wouldn’t recommend a velocity. Sure, it can change and all, but if you look at the gap width… I like YYJ because their gaps are nice and big, no matter what yoyo.