Help me to decide!


I want to buy a second yoyo (my first is lyn fury) , 0-40$ . Sorry for bad English


A Prototar, or add 5$ and buy a DV888

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3

no, you don’t even know if he can bind!!

well can you bind? if you can, i recommend the hitman by yoyojam, it is a lyn fury with metal rims.
but if you can’t bind, i recommend the velocity by yoyofactory, the velocity has a dial that you can switch from unresponsive, to responsive.


If he cant bind and wants to learn to bind, he can easilly mod the yoyo to be unresponsive. But if you can bind and you want a new yoyo I would recomend the YYJ Revolution or the YYF Protostar.


I recommend stepping up to a Dark Magic for your skill level it looks like.


I’m know how to bind , now i’m learning advanced tricks from yye . I think that i will go with yyf protostar.


yes thats a great choice. also you can try a dv888 if you want a metal


also you can get a fhz and silicone it


Yeah, they play really well with silicone. Nice and Unresponsive and Tyler Severance won Worlds 2007 with a siliconed FHZ.


Get a YYJ Revolution


Just get a YYF :slight_smile:


I’d take a long and hard look at the YYJ Legacy.