Good Intermediate Yoyos Under $50

I’m looking for a good intermediate yoyo under 50 bucks where I can learn the basics of unresponsive yoyo play like binds and then more advanced tricks. Any recommendations? So far I’ve found the God Tricks, Duncan echo, YYF Dv888 to be pretty good values… Would love some advice

God tricks are pretty cool, try the officer aura
Note: I think it better to post on the help/recommendation section on the forums.

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I would suggest a yyf protostar or yyf shaqlerstar. They are pretty good plastics that are around $50.


If you are looking for a metal, you are pretty set with what’s above. However, maybe consider a Felton severe. Plays as good as a high end metal in my opinion.

YYF derlin severe is a great yoyo

DARK MAGIC DARK MAGIC DARK MAGIC, GET THE DARK MAGIC!!! Looks like you are just starting out binds and the Dm2 can help with that… Binds are easier and nice and tight. It comes with a slim bearing for responsive play(probably what you are doing now) and a speed bearing for unresponsive play… It can do the most basic tricks to the longest , toughest combos. It plays twice the price you get it for, its great for beginners and intermediate who want to go all the way!

Now, if you are just set on metals, like the ones you listed above, god tricks is probably the way to go…

If you want to go plastic, go with the protostar, well rounded yoyo…

But, my first recommendation is still the dm2 :smiley:

yeah andy569 beat me to it AND is correct ! so double that above^

About the metal AND plastic too? Wow :smiley:

Dark Magic II is perfect for your needs.

yeahh!! I was surprised but then again, great minds think alike :wink:

Thanks guys ;D liking all the responses! Definitely need to look into the YYF plastics and the Dark Magic II

yoyojam trigger , yyf protostar , a lot of bang for the buck

Can’t believe people have not suggested this after all of the goodness that it brings.

YYJ Classic with some silicone pads and maybe a YYJ Speed bearing (any bearing will do)

Here’s what i think:

That’s my first choice, partially for the price.

YYF Proto/Shaqler/Northstars. All perform great!

YYJ Trigger. I’ve never used one, but people say it’s on par (or above) the YYF’s

Never forget the Magic yoyos! N12,T5, N5. The pads suck, though.

YYJ DM2. Great for learing, but I don’t think it’s as good as the YYF plastics.

C3 alpha crash is one of the best plastic ever!!
I think they can compete against the northstar(aka shaqlerstar) and protostar. I think you should get one.

I was waiting for Studio42 to say it :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense or anything, it’s probably a great setup. I’ve never tried it :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much what everyone else has suggested so far. I’d also suggest looking at the C3 Halo.


This is a great place to start. It’s cheap and plays fantastic. I actually prefer it to a Dark Magic II or DV888 regardless of price.

So far I agree with the dark magic and these choices, but I would take away the protostar in this post and add a severe, but get a dm2