YYJ Classic review from a beginners take

First id like to start off this is one of my first yoyos.
Sleeptime:15 to 20 seconds (horrible)1/5
String tricks:3/5
Overall this is nice performing yoyo if you switch the bearing you will get 1 to 1 1/2 min sleep times.
Be perpared to switch the bearing.
For the price give it a try!

Is the yoyo stock? That could explain the sleep time put a centertrac in and some flowable and it’s really good

yes it is stock i am putting a buddah simple in once i get it tommorow i will make an update!

I didn’t love the Classic when it first came out. After changing the bearing, applying flowable silicone response, and adding a few more months of experience, it is now one of my favorite EDCs (Everyday Carry).

I want to get it to bring to school but I am not sure whether to go with a upgraded classic or a onestar?

Exact sleep time is pretty much useless in a review, as every person has different throw strength. When I briefly had a Classic, I was able to get mine to sleep for at least a minute. Just so you know in case you do another review.

If you’re a beginner how do you know what a regen is. ??? When I started I didn’t even know my yoyo had a bearing in it.

Don’t worry about sleep times, it’s not the throw.

PS, it’s you.

I’m not a beginner or a pro, somewhere in the middle. The YYJ Classic is a beast. Got one today. I cannot believe how well it plays. Who needs metal anyway?

I think the sleep time is better than you think. I can manage the matrix with 3-4 reps, and get a return from a trapeeze afterwards, and I’m a noob who can only successfully do that trick 25% of the time on a classick, and now maby 75% on a YYR or Stealth Ogre, or other high end metal.

And this is with stock responsive bearing, stock string, stock response.

I am going to finally upgrade bearing and response in one this weekend and have an unresponsive one as well. I really love this yoyo. Even compared to my high end Tis and other expensive metals.