YYJ classic cap problem


I got my pink classic today, pretty pumped.

However, I have one problem with it. One of the halves has a pretty significant bump in the center of the cap, rather than a fully concave surface, like on the other half.

Is this normal for classics? Did I get a bunk one?



Here’s a pic. The one on the right has the bump.

(themikedurdak) #2

One of mine has it. O e doesn’t. It doesn’t affect play at all.

(Mitch) #3

Give it a push… Does it give at all? If you can push it in, then I’d just imagine the caps just sit tightly… If not, maybe that’s where part of the axle sits and pushes on it?


Hmm try pushing the axle on the floor.


If I understand you correctly - That will 0nly serve to make the bump larger.


O O O I think I misunderstood , the bump is up like -^- I thought it was -/- pushing the axle would make it go up … Sorry thanks for the correction!


Well, as the man said…