Defective bearing seat on fiesta xx?

Hi, my fiesta xx has a super small gap, and one side is alot deeper then the other, is this normal?

mine has the same thing but i feel that it doesnt affect the play

I think thats so you can put average c bearings in and the become the size of a half c

I haven’t checked mine, but I’m guessing both sides should be identical. Pop off the caps with a suction cup and see if the metal nut is flush with the plastic surrounding it. It may be sticking out of the plastic on one of the halves. Maybe you can just push it back in.

I could be wrong though. It sounds like you guys are saying that the halves are different and that’s intentional. I’m just surprised YYJ would manufacture two different halves rather than just even it out.

They should be deep, but the same depth. Yes, it is supposed to make a C be Half C, but they should both be deep not one halve.

The bearing goes down more then half way.

More pics

Send it back for a new one.

Got it in a trade, that guy got it in a trade.

Does it bind well? Because my Fiesta XX has slippy binds sometimes and I’m wondering if this or the bearing/pads are the problem.

Contact YYJ and see if it is Defective. If it plays fine, then I see no problem.

I figured it out, I pushed in on the side cap and the metal part started rising, got it back to normal.

Good :).