Need some opinions.

Alright, so here’s a little project I want to do, but I’ll need some opinions first. Ok, so if I were to buy several YYJ Classics, install an advanced bearing, silicone them, and then mod the caps so they are like lateral caps, how many of you would buy them and what would be a fair price? If I were to charge lower than 20 then it would not be worth the time and effort. Here’s a pic of what the caps would look like.

How consistent can you get the caps? Are you using a lathe to cut the dimple, or are you just using something like sandpaper?

Depending on the accuracy to which these are made, I may be interested.

All of it is done on a drill, the previous decals are sanded off and then the dimple is cut in, no way you can get the dimple by sanding. I measure out how large the dimple will be on both sides before cutting.

I think you should use the same system as your polishes. Let people supply their own yo-yo, and offer it as a service. Charge $15 or so to mod their Classic. That way, you spend nothing on Classics upfront. The thing about the Classic is that people are choosey about colors, and you’d have to buy a lot to keep up with color preferences. They pay you and ship you the Classic, you mod it, and return it. I think it’s easier and you’d make more profits.

I’d send you a Classic to mod, for sure.

For me, it depends on the bearing, is it a flat bearing, and what brand, if I know it’s a good bearing I will send mine.


I think you should try both of these thoughts, Totalartist has many valid points to her post, and you can also have a small stock of YoYo’s that you have purchased and mod’d as well. That way people have a choice. Choices are always good.

I will also add that this service sounds like a $20.00 premium over the price of the YoYo. That should include standard shipping if they are buying one of your YoYo’s.

I’d probably let people send them to u to mod. People like me can do the silicone and bearing themselves and just would want the lateral cap done. I’d probably pay $12 for the lateral cap job but that’s just me.

I can’t tell but r those rims thumbgrindable???

Also, I think that you should just be focusing on the caps. Most people who are willing to pay for a classic to have lateral caps cut in already have access to extra bearings and silicone.

I would love to buy one or two of these!!!

I agree that options are the ultimate way to go. It is the best of both worlds. You can give people the option to buy what you have pre-modded, or they can send in their own yo-yo to be modded. Sounds even better Stickman…good thinking.

I’d be interested in this!
I wasn’t a huge fan of the classic but I’m curious how one of these mods would play.

Doesn’t change how the throw plays, the dimples are just a nice addition.