YoYoJam Classic Lateral Cap Mod

I was wondering if its possible to mod a classics Caps by Narrowing them (making them a flattened “V” shape) and adding a Finger Insert. Anyone down for this?

You should probably do Jake Elliot’s mod to soften the caps.

But the caps aren’t slick do forget it…


Imma try it…

I’m message you on face book.

Somebody already did this recently… or at least mostly. They weren’t aiming for fingerspins, so it wasn’t lathed/sanded exactly right for that purpose, but it was clear that it could be done.

But the question remains: Who is awesome enough to accomplish this mod at the right price?

Wish I could remember who did this…

For $10, I’d be willing to take my chances on a drill press (use the axle in the chuck), but if you press too hard with the abrasive or scraper, the torque could cause problems with the threads or hub.

I could probably do it lol. Won’t work well because the Classic wobbles too much.

My Classic has no wobble at all!

Wobble? Mine has very slight vibe, no where near wobble.

Here ya guys go

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