Very simple Classic mod

Took some sand paper and removed the raised graphics on the classic’s caps.

It may look a little rough, but it’s silky smooth, and is much more comfortable to hold. There’s no added vibe or wobble, and it plays just the same as it did before (maybe half a gram lighter, it’s not really noticeable in the least bit)

Also, finger spins, while difficult, are now a real possibility!

That looks really clean! I have four classics, so I might try that with one of mine.

I left my yoyoexpert account on, and my brother posted with my account.

Just EDIT.

Nice mod… Looks silky smooth :).

Now I got to get a clasic!

That looks great, Jake! You could probably even go “in” just a weeee little in the middle to make a fingerspin dimple. You wouldn’t want to go nutty, though; it’s probably not that thick. But just a tiny bit of a dimple!

You’re going to put the Theory out of work. :smiley: