YYJ Chasers for 3A, 1A, and Horizontal?


How does the YYJ Chaser work for 3A, 1A, and Horizontal? Is is good for the 1A I do?( tech, long string stricks, slack tricks, suicides, rejections, stuff like kamikaze, spirit bomb, black hops, brent stoles, horizontal, complicated tricks) Would it be good for basic 3A (stuff like velvet rolls, blue line rolls) up to advanced 3A (stuff like wrist rolls, blue line combos, assissted lacerations, suicides, 1/2 kink mount combos, quickmounts) ?


Yup, but it’s more of a 1A yoyo, but 3A is a good secondary application. It is smooth so not grind-friendly.


so it could do all i asked for? :smiley:


Yes, but it’s prone to cracks, like the protostar.

I think the Legacy 2 would be Perfect for what you want. :slight_smile:


The Legacy II and DM2 fail for horizontal. Well, fail is too strong of a word. The midwall design makes for too much string rubbing the side of the yoyo for horizontal to be done very well.


A pair of alpha crash or a pair of classic’s would work