Looking for 3a throw


I am looking for a pair of yoyos for 3a. My budget is $60 and I’ve heard good things about the chaser but don’t know if something better is out there.

Also, does the Chaser on Yoyoexpert come with a speed bearing and a thin bearing?
Thanks again


From what I’ve heard the chasers are really good. I use a pair of modded classics, and I feel they work really well, and are good to test the waters of 3a


Chaser, upgraded Classic and PSG are all ones I’d recommend.


I like what studio 42 has said. I would also like to point out the alpha crash. I am not a 3a player (at least not a good one) but i know that with a shape as versatile as that of the alpha crash, you WILL not go wrong.



(major_seventh) #6

Something stable that doesn’t rotate in play but stays in place. Anything with lots of rim weight and a competitive shape should do the trick (Chaser or Upgraded classics look good from the options so far). :wink:


so either a modded classic or a chaser. any other options?

(major_seventh) #8

Or just any other yoyo with those characteristics. Im not really a 3a player myself but I’ve tried and its alot easier with those stable yoyos. Hope this helps :slight_smile: