Which to get next?

YYF POPstar or YYJ chaser

Honestly, the POPstar is just a for-fun yoyo, meaning you use it when you get bored. Trust me, a POPstar is insanely awsome for a pocket sized yoyo. But a Chaser is meant for I guess agressive practicing and heavy play. The downside is the caps fall off easily and when you ding it, the rims start to crack. If you were along the $25 line, I would suggest you get a YoYoJam Legacy II or a yoyofactory Stackless Grind Machine with extra polyester string with the money left over

That’s the price I’m around. Lol. Thanks a lot man! I’ll look up on those 2 yoyos

Chaser. The popstar isn’t the best. Grind machine is also good.