YYJ Chaser review


Mickey’s at it again. Don’t quote me on this but I beloved this is his 36th signature yoyo. Will he strike it big again or will this one leave me chasing dreams of what could of been. let’s find out…

Diameter: 56.19 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 37.61 mm / 1.48 inches
Gap Width: 4.32 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 73.8 grams

chaser / phenomizm / protostar

First thing I notice when I take it out of the basic yoyojam box is it’s really thin. REALLLY thin. Maybe not by some standards but for me, I prefer a nice 55+mm yoyo with a good 42+mm width. So in my opinion it’s pretty thin. But luckily that’s not what drew me in. It was the weight <3

At a little over 73 grams it is by most standards what one would call a “beast” or perhaps a “lead weight with a string” but I just so happen to love a nice solid heavy throw. The way the weight is placed however you wouldn’t believe that it weighs as much as it does. On a throw it’s fast and floaty and will get you wondering if by some yoyo magic you’re playing a completely different yoyo.

Fast and floaty coming from a 73g yoyo. Who’d a thunk it? Not I…

Anyway, back to the most important part. The play. It, of course, handles everything you can throw it’s way with ease and finesse. It zooms inbetween string segments and lands safely where you tell it to. It spins smoothly and quietly not offering any backtalk whatsoever. It stays true to the throw and doesn’t veer off course like some faster throws tend to. it’s also notably more stable then I expected. It doesn’t particularly grind too well due to the straight plastic finish. I can’t say for sure but I assume its Polycarbonate. It’s fairly sturdy and seems well constructed.

Now lets take a look at how the chaser feels in my hand. At first it felt way too thin, but I’m getting used to it. I can’t say I’m a huge fan or anything, but I can deal with it for the perks the play offers. In this case a “getting to know your throw” time was necessary. I’ve heard people say it has a “protostar-esque shape” and as long as the “esque” is emphasized I’d have to agree. Compared to the protostar the rims are a lot thinner and steeper making the adjusted catch zone that much easier to land. It is also slightly bigger and fairly thinner compared to the protostar. It comes in some very classy colors with either the standard mirror caps or the newer golden caps. I went with the gold cause…well…I’m classy like that

Comes installed with a thin bearing and includes the speed bearing so beginners can start their journey with this and chase their way to dreams of fame and fortune. If that’s not what you seek, it’s a great fun throw and if you’re like me, it can be a nice breather from the “superwide wave of 2011” I keep hearing about. It is available here for $27 and if you ask me, it is currently THE plastic to beat. Pick one up, you won’t be dissapointed.

Thats right. I said it.


well said… this might have to be my newest addition to my collection :wink:


My favorite plastic for the price range :smiley:


Waiting for more colors to come in and then I’m all over this.


I’ve been throwing one for a few days and it’s now my go to throw. Vibe is the only con but I like it in a plastic.


I absolutely love this throw! it came out of the box soooo smooth! it had absolutely no vibe until i smacked it against a wall! :smiley: good review!


Got mine Monday. That was super fast considering it shipped Saturday and went clear across the country.

Anyhow, yeah, amazing. I can’t put it down. But, I had to. I’ve been throwing at my kids’ school while I wait to pick them up and I’ve been having to bring an assortment of yoyos to show to the kids. Is suppose my skills ARE improving, because I’m throwing everything really good, but since I’m out in public, I need my “safe zone”, so the DM2 is what I’m mostly throwing. But, the Chaser is clipped onto a belt loop on a Werdd holder. It may be heavy but it doesn’t play heavy nor does it feel heavy. This could seriously give the Northstar and Protostar a serious run for their money. I know, I have both of those as well.

It kind of lacks the streamline shapes of the traditional signature throws. I mean, based on the shape, it DOES remind me of the Protostar/Northstar yet plays completely different. It’s an amazing throw not just for the money or because it’s a plastic. The Chaser is just amazing on its own. The Hiroyuki Suzuki signature throws really play nice for me and I really like them so far and have been hunting them down one at a time. I may skip the Speed Maker, but the Meteor is now firmly in my sights. I don’t think the Chaser is going to unseat my DM2 for the #1 spot for me, but it’s definitely a top 10 for sure.

For people who are anti-plastic, there’s the Protostar and the Northstar, and now the Chaser is an option worthy of consideration. I’m not sure if that was the intention or it just worked out that way, but it’s up there and beyond. Mind you, I like the protostar and northstar too.

I need to order more sling holders!


does the stock bearings are stainless steel ??


I like the translucent pink… $27 you can’t go wrong!


Found quite an old thread to bump!

The stock bearings are… steel…! Not sure what the other option is. Certainly they’re not ceramic.

I love this yoyo. I happily use it just as much as my Capless or Dark Magic II. Got mine on a BST for… $10 or something… best deal evar.