Does this throw play quickly?

Yes, but not too fast unless you want to push it and then it will gladly comply. It’s not gonna move like a Phenom or Phenomizm, the shape slows it down a teeny bit, which is good. It’s heavy though, but it doesn’t play heavy. It’s close to 74 grams! One of my favorite plastics!

Wow, that is heavy for a plastic. Good old yoyojam :smiley:

I tend to like yoyos that play lighter (Code 1, Ministar, Genesis, etc.), and I thought that the Chaser was much too heavy. Maybe I just need to get used to it… ???

What do some other people think of this throw? I like to have multiple opinions.

I love my Chaser, one of my favorite plastics! While I don’t know much about horizontal play, this appears to be able to do horizontals well due to the low wall. It’s got weight and is probably my heaviest 1A throw but it doesn’t feel that heavy when playing it. It can be easy to tilt but pretty stable in the long run, potentially this could help going into horizontal moves. Definitely a solid player nonetheless!