YYJ chaser review


Alrighty, here’s what i have to say about this cool little thing.

Diameter:56.2 mm (biggish)
Width:37.6 mm (Skinnyish)
(so the yoyo is “tallish”)
Weight:73.8 grams (weighty)

This particular throw looks quite nice, with striking angles similar to the YYF protostar. the difference being the curved inner surface which fits snugly around the middle finger when held in the hand.this might not be to your liking unless you use throw your break-aways late like i do. the sidecaps are the same reflective type from the phenom(izm) a speeder 2. for some reason, this yo-yo makes me think of a more traditional plastic yo-yo, like one from the late 90s early 2000s. I also can’t imagine everyone is going to find this yo-yo quite as attractive as i do, but beauty is relative, and also quite un-related to playability.

When thrown the chaser hits the end of the string with a crisp, heavy snap; weighty yes, but not a hard “thunk”. Being a heavy yo-yo, it takes some extra pressure to move this yo-yo around, but there isn’t so much angular momentum that it holds the yo-yo back, it accelerates and decelerates quite nicely, in other words, it plays heavy, but fast all the same. the extra weight also keeps the chaser from tilting quite well. you can really sail through body and arm wrap tricks without worrying too much about tilting. this is one of the few throws i will say doesn’t need a centering bearing if you prefer it. i do, but it’s not necessary at all, even when you’re shredding through tricks at top speed, definitely a reflection of Hiroyuki’s famous style. this yo-yo also feels more solid and less hollow than similar plastic yo-yos, it’s well constructed and I’d imagine it can take quite a beating. this is definitely my favorite plastic so far, and i’d sooner carry this with me on my day-to-day than any of my metals, sheerly for it’s ease of use.
in fact that’s the one word i’d use to describe this yo-yo, Easy. it plays nice and easy. one more thing worth mentioning is horizontal play. short of getting a dreadnought, this is a great yo-yo for practicing and improving your horizontal game.

so in sum:
Feel: 8
Play: 10
Price Point:10

i’d get another one for the price.