Can somebody tell me about the yyj chaser?

Can somebody tell me if the chaser is a nice throw and tell me a little about it :slight_smile:

This is a typica YYJ throw from the standpoint that it comes with a thin and thick bearing, allowing you to change from responsive and unresponsive play.

The shape reminds me a bit like the Protostar/Northstar. This also seems to be a shape that appears to be used in many other YYJ throws, including the Vexed, Inspire and Next Level, or at least something similar.

The Chaser is heavy, at 73.8 grams, it’s one of the heavier yoyos you can get. This is a plastic yoyo, so there has to be a massive weight ring under that cap. Don’t let the weight fool you, it doesn’t play heavy, it can get fast and zippy and stays pretty light on the string.

I experimented with bearings and I found that of what I tried, it seemed to perform best with the stock YYJ Speed bearing. With a KK, it kinda went “thunk” on the string and I didn’t like that. I had similar results with a Crucial Grooved and a Centertrak. Sorry, no Trifecta bearing on hand at the time.

In general, this is a durable, affordable and fun yoyo. I happen to like this one.

Thanks, it’s cheap so I think I get it:)

Just be careful, because the caps on mine are really loose. They pop out and roll around immediately at the slightest hit against a hard surface. Other than that, it’s an awesome plastic.

thanks man

Got one through a trade, amazing play! Fast, snag free, completely unresponsive.