Yoyorecreation Diffusion Review- By Julian

Welcome to my 2nd review! Ive decided to prioritize reviewing plasticvs since beginners seem to need help finding “the best yoyo under $50” or something similar. Lets get started! (also, please gimme feedback, im new at reviewing)


Weight 66g
Diameter 56mm
Width 40mm
3000 yen (apx $38)

First impressions:
When i first saw this yoyo froma package from AzznboyaZ, i honestly didn’t think much of the diffusion. Its a red plastic with a plain black sticker with white text, big deal. Seemed like a protostar wannabe.

First throw:
Woah. Pretty smooth! Like a protostar when new. A little narrower and floaty than a protostar. Also has more rounded edges on the catch zone.

---------------------------------------In- Depth-----------------------------------------------
Narrower and more rounded than a protostar. Low walls. A seemingly smaller gap too, as it is harder to feel the string wrapped around the yoyo when winded and in the hand (a test i either made up or figured out) A shape that feels comfy in the hand, and isn’t awkward at all when throw in my opinion.

Weight distribution and stability:
Has a more floaty feel to it than a protostar. A touch lighter in feel and literally. When tested with various tests, it didnt tilt too fast or too slow. More on the rim weighted side than the floaty side although.

Plays fast when pushed to. Tend to play at a medium speed naturally. And of the little horizontal i know (variations of skin the gerbil pretty much haha), it handled it fine.

A bit boring imo. Also the fact that its only available in red its too great.

Its a great yoyo, and is my 3rd favorite plastic after the protostar and northstar. Worth it, but a bit over priced, even if its a yyr.

Thanks for reading this and good night! Sorry for the short review, i have only a little time on my hands. Feedback wanted!

it comes in more colors than red

Lol I thought this was a ratfacedudeguy.

So far there are 3 Julian’s that I know of in the yoyo world; myself, supbreh1234, and ratfacedude. So many Julian’s!!!

Btw great review!

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Thanks for the review Julian :slight_smile:

Now lets try and make history and get the third Julian to post in this thread! I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered at least one more that wasn’t mentioned but I can’t remember his username.

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thats me, juliang(numbers) and rat face dude.

Thanks for the complements guys!

And also if theres more colors could i get a link???

PMed you a link to the other colours.


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