NEEDED: Unresponsive, <$30 Yoyo that's a Step up from an Ooch Yo.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance! Also, I prefer a heavy yoyo. Size doesn’t matter.


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I would go with the YYJ Chaser. It is on the heavy side and is a good player. Pretty smooth for a plastic and is a good price. It’s a tough catagory to fill so I think this is your best option.

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LoL, meant to hit quote and hit “thank you”. Well congrats on your first thanks received lol. For a little more you can get a dark magic 2 and it’s a heavier, larger yoyo. You might be able to find one on the bst for 30 bucks or even an old difeo tank.

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Yeah the bst it your best bet. If you look hard enough you will find great deals for cheap.

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LOL @skitrz a thank you for your thank you and help!

Thanks all!

Actually, the Chaser is heavier than the DM2 by at least 1.5 grams, as the DM2 is around 69.5 and the Chaser is 71. Yet, the Chaser plays very light on the string. It meets your needs for UNDER $30. The Legacy II is good too, but if you really want heavy, the Chaser is what you want.

However, if you want to jump to another brand, the Northstar is around 69 grams and only costs $35. It’s the heavier version of the Protostar, which is also really nice.

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Thanks for the helpful answer you are known for, Studio42! I will look.

You’re welcome. Always glad I can help.

It’s a great time to yoyo. There’s amazing stuff in all price brackets and materials. I think a lot of people over-look plastics, which I feel is a mistake a lot of people make. It’s funny. I bought a lot of expensive yoyos, and I can enjoy a cheap yoyo like a Lyn Fury, KickSide, PSG, Asteroid and other low cost stuff.

But, what’s also good is when you come into a forum with a question, you also helped by placing some parameters to work with: price and a weight preference. While it may limit choices, this helps avoid confusion due to overload.

Let us know what you finally decide. As I said, there’s lots of sub-$30 yoyos out there. I do think your best choices within your budget is the Chaser. I think if you are willing step a bit outside your budget, the Northstar might be the way to go.

Chaser sounds good. My good old Ooch yo has lots of life left in it, but when I move towards advanced, I am on the market for a new one. Heck, buying them is half the fun, it seems like!

I agree. I’ve got an expanding collection, and I got stuff from undersized to oversized, light and heavy, micro, gigantic, petite to obese. I throw them all! The advantage of having such a varied collection is that you get more experience. Each yoyo brings something different and unique.