YYJ Black Knight: Great, or What?

So I’m a relative newcomer to yoyoing. I’ve been throwing for a year or two, but mainly on a Duncan butterfly. In the last 30 minutes of finding this site, I’ve been browsing and think I found the one: the YYJ Black Knight. The question is, though, should I get it? It seems to suit my style from what I’ve read, but is it a solid yoyo that will last a long time? Any help would be appreciated.

Of course its a solid yoyo yyj wouldnt mass produce a yoyo that fell apart if you keep up the bearing maitenance it will last you a long time. :slight_smile:

Really? Thanks! I’m awfully new to this entire world, so it’s good to know these things have longevity :slight_smile: Probably will be placing my order next paycheck then.

well if you using a duncan butterfly im guesiing you have no experiance binding so i would go with a yoyo that is tug response for the time being such as a some yoyojam plastics or a velocity from yoyofactory

If you get a bottle of thick lube with it, I don’t thin you will have a proble at all. So, I say the Black Knight, a bottle of thick lube, and some string and you are set for a good while.

So the bottle of thick lube will counteract the lack of binding experience? I really only have enough split between my guitar playing to get one throw and an assortment of stuff.

black night is big i do not like it