YYJ Black Knight: a noob's review

So, this is my first review

Black Knight

Diameter: 2.21"
Width: 1.58"
Response System: Hybrid
Weight: 71.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C


Ok, so I’ve had this yoyo for a little while now.
The first thing I noticed was that the yoyo was a little on the heavy side. But after a couple of throws, it was easy to get used to. The weight didn’t affect my mounting, which I was afraid of. In fact, I think it’s a little easier to do split-bottom mount with this yoyo than my FHZ or Velocity.

The second thing that I noticed is that the yoyo was really smooth and spun for a loooong time. I’m a newcomer, and I got almost two minutes on a sleeper with no tricks in.

However, in those two minutes, I found the yoyo to be VERY noisy. I didn’t feel a whole lot of vibration, but I heard a lot of noise.

The first day, the yoyo was responsive and came up with a tug. After that, I have had to bind it to get it to come back up. I’ve tried to look up whether or not is is supposed to be responsive, and haven’t found anything, so I’m guessing this is supposed to be a non-responsive yoyo.

As far as the hybrid response goes, it seems to be doing its job as far as binds go.

With that being said, the long spin time gives newcomers ample practice with binding. However, this is not a newbie’s yoyo. It’s definitely a step up from a FHZ, and I would only recommend it to someone transitioning from intermediate to advanced level, ( I’m getting to this level, and the Black Knight is becoming easier to use) but people are free to pick it up whenever they want.

My only complaint is that the oring really blackens up the string. After a short while, my white string was completely smudged over.

*edit: I had three pictures in the post, but they didn’t seem to do right. How do you put pictures up?

the adjustable gap is the reason it was responsive. You can adjust the response to a degree.

That will go away after the o-ring breaks in. You can help it along by taking it out and washing it in soapy water. Rinse it good and rub it down w/a paper towel.

or you could cut it down with an exacto knife

He only needs to clean it at this point…