Yo Yo Jam "Yo Yo Joust Champion" Black Knight Review

Hey, thanks a lot for checking out my Black Knight review. This is actually my second review. (Speeder was actually my first. Feel free to check that out too.) Now, back to the subject. Let’s check out this yo yo!

What an amazing yo yo this is! Let me tell you some stuff about the Black Knight. First of all, if you like tug response, Like the Sunset Trajectory (example) just put a flat bearing in it.(Or use the bearing they give you) The tricks I REALLY like to do with the Black Knight are “The Zipper, Split the Atom, and the grind.” But there are some not very good things about this yo yo I do not like. But we’ll get to that later. :wink:

We’ll start with the axle. The axle is VERY long! Since this yo yo’s axle is so long, the gap is very, very adjustable. From max response to so you almost can’t bind it. Now let’s talk about the bearing. The bearing seat is very loose. So your fingers won’t struggle to get your bearing out. So you can pretty much switch bearings over and over again. But keep in mind that when you open the gap to get a tangle out, your bearing might come out of its seat along with the string. :frowning:

We are going to compare some things with the
Black Knight, Dark Magic, and the X-convict.
Out of all three of these yo yos, the Black Knight
is the heaviest. (To me, it gives more control.)
Out of all three, I think the black knight has
the smoothest grind with it’s comfortable metal
rims. Unlike the Dark Magic/X-convict, the
Black Knight’s shape is very round and
straight. The others are diagonal and slanted.
But, if you like that slanted shape, this yo yo might not be for you.
I also couldn’t get a very long sleep time with this yo yo unfortunately. :’( And the tricks I don’t really like to do with this yo yo are long, complex string tricks. I also don’t like to do fast tricks with this yo yo. (Unlike the Speeder)

We’re almost done here unfortunately. I haven’t decided yet about if I like the thumb grinds. It has some vibrations, but it also has a pretty deep space to fit your thumb inside. :-\ I would recommend this yo yo for people that like to do simple string tricks, and people that are first learning string tricks. Alright, time to wrap this up. You can watch the video on this yo yo in the yo yo expert online shop. Yep, that’s it. Hoped you liked this review and the Black Knight. See you later! ;D


I like both this reveiw and the Black Knight!

Great job!


that’s weird i got like a 4 minute sleeper with my black kight

I don’t know anything about writing reviews, but I think it would sound more formal if you didn’t put in commentaries like “Alright, time to wrap this up.” in the middle of the conclusion or “Yep, that’s it.” and “Now let’s talk about the bearing.” is kind of a weird transition when a whole lot hasn’t been said about the axle, a better transition could be made. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people also put specs. so you might want to do that next time. Also, be sure not to contradict yourself (people will think you aren’t credible) for example, when you said " black knight has the smoothest grind with it’s comfortable metal rims" whereas at the end you say that you aren’t sure if you like the thumb grinds because of the vibration, which implies that you don’t really find it comfortable and that the grind isn’t very smooth. Finally, remember to check grammar, there were quite a few errors that made it kind of hard to understand, as well as spelling (I don’t think you made any though).

Please don’t “hate on me” for this, just wanted to help you improve.

No hate intended ;). While you’re right about the informality, sometimes word choice like that depends on the writer’s goal as to what kind of tone or overall mood to set, even for reviews. Also, the comment about smooth grinds and uncomfortable thumb grinds wasn’t really contradictory. It is very possible for the actual grinding surface on the rims to be comfortable, but the surface for inner ring grinds (aka thumb grinds) may be uncomfortable.
Considering the fact that the person who wrote this is 10, I think he did a pretty good job :wink:

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Sorry, but I’m only 10, and didn’t modify my yo yo that much. (And I’m not that strong.)

You are totally right, my mistake :P. I forgot that there’s more than one type of grind. In that case though, I would suggest making sure everything is organized and in its proper section. It was in the conclusion where you usually shorten what has already been said. Thus, because you mentioned thumb grinds in the last section, I thought that for when you first talked about grinds you were also talking about thumb grinds.

Excellent little review here. The photos including photographic size comparsion is great. Stated useful facts about this yoyo. Thanks for taking the time to write this up!

Keep up the good work!

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Pretty good review and yoyo, keep it up =D

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