black knight review

i was wondering if the black knight yoyo is any good, i want to get it since it looks cool and im only an intermediate yoyoer upgrading from a power brain which sucks! so should i get this or the dark magic

I haven’t tried either, but I haven’t heard entirely great (good, just not amazing.) things about the Black Knight.

Out of a BK and a DM I’d say a DM II.

Note:The new one, not the old one, Old one also comes with a YYJ Speed bearing I believe so it comes out of the box unresponsive which isn’t a good idea compared to the DM II which has two bearings.(And DM is a really popular yoyo due to Andre’s tutorials, though I don’t hear much about the hamburger.)

The Newer YYJs come with two bearings.
one thin and lubed meant for responsive play right out the box,(Which sounds like were you’re at right now.)

and a (dry/lightly lubed)speed bearing for unresponsive as you progress.

I’d just overall recommend one of the new YYJs with the solid spin axle as they do come with two bearings and generally are supposed to be better than the previous design.

And make sure you have string and lube if you need it.

Dark Magic II (Again make sure it’s Version 2 in my opinion.)


And string and lube.

I’d say get some lube if you don’t have any low viscosity Skateboard or bicycle chain lube…

thaNKS :slight_smile:

I have one and to be honest it is not my favorite. I feels really heavy although I think it is a fairly normal weight. It just feels kind of like the butterfly that wanted to be an imperial shape. Also the half butterfly half o ring makes it feel a little jumpy. I guess it depends on preferences really, but if your looking for a first intermediate, and you don’t want something quite so dense (heavy feeling). I would suggest a revolution or even a good old DM. That’s my preferences and 2 bits though. Go for what you think will be cool.

dude the dm is 70grams

That 70g is nicely distributed (in my opinion) so it doesn’t feel that heavy. I had an Atmosphere and that had a thud at the end of the string and that is 70g too.

Wait and get the hitman pro.

Agreed! God that thing looks SICK!!!

Well said mike. My dark knight just feels like the weight is all in one spot. Thus I used the term dense. Saying that regardless of the specs that sucker feels heavy as mess.