YYJ DM or black knight?


Anyone have any suggestions? As the name says, Should I get the DM or Black knight? :-\


Do you like larger or smaller yo-yos? If you like larger yo-yos then you should get the Dark Magic, if you like smaller yo-yos you should get the Black Knight.

EDIT: I was wrong, both are full sized. Just pick which one looks cooler. They will both treat you well.


You might want the Black Knight if you want a 1a yoyo that can also play 5a pretty well but that is just my opinion. But just like mrcnja said The DM is a larger yoyo, you may prefer that.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

No contest DM in every way possible [shadow=red,left][/shadow] all the way


There isn’t that much difference in the size.
The DM is a great yoyo. The Cheeseburger is too. Just pick one.


I love them both. They are both up there in my favorite yoyojam list. You can’t go wrong with either!


Is there anywhere to buy the black DM? Saw a pic of it and really want to get it in black. If black is something they don’t do anymore is there anywhere that still sells the red ones? I really want to DM but I don’t like any of the 4 colors available.