YYJ axle problems/solutions


I have a speeder, a DM, and a motrix. I assume they all take the same axle size, correct me if I am wrong.
I went to home depot and bought a 6-32, 12 inch threaded rod, to replace the axle; they were bent. I cut off half inch peices with a hack-saw. It worked! But now it has even more vibe!

Is there any place I can get single 1/2 or 3/4 inch axles?

Go to an Ace hardware store, or any more local hardware store for that matter, and ask for 6x32 1/2" long setscrews.

Umm… well why don’t you guys just buy spare axles from yoyojam?

Are the threaded rods that you buy at a local hardware store more cheaper?

The closest axe hardware is like 1 hour from here. I am going skiing today, (1 hour away) so lol, I will take a look out.

Yeah the threaded rods at the hard-ware store are more cheaper. I couldn’t find half inch ones. We used to have this little hardware store like 2 miles from my house but the moved… somewhere else…

On the internet, they are like $2.00 a piece. I might just buy them though, if I can’t find anywhere to get them

BUt mcrnja, I will look for a ace hardware today.

There is a way to tune YYJ Yoyos, but I’m not sure if this method works with the stuff you got at the store. You never know though:
(I’ll try to look fo the tuning post:

Yes, you can tune almost any yo-yo with a setscrew axle, even if that setscrew was bought from a hardware store. Why buy axles from a hardware store instead of YoYoJam? Well, first off, they are cheaper. At a hardware store they cost about thirty to forty cents each. Secondly, you can get shorter axles. I really dislike how long the YYJ axles are; they make it take quite a while to screw the yo-yo together. Finally, from my experience YYJ vibe comes from their axles. The setscrews I’ve gotten at the hardware store have absolutely no vibe, without tuning it at all. Now my Lyn Fury is as smooth as my Superstar and that isn’t an exaggeration.

I will warn you, the adjustable gap feature comes from some coating or machining process on the YYJ axles. That means when you use a setscrew from a hardware store as your axle, your yo-yo will no longer have the adjustable gap. Some people really like the adjustable gap, I don’t, so it is a plus in my book. If the gap is too small for your tastes you can always use shims.

Thank you so much Mcrnja. I understand now, about YYJ vibe and all. SO I will take a HUGE look out for ace hardware today :smiley:

Any other place I can get them though?

Yay! I found an ace hardware! 15 minutes away! w00t!

Ok, I will ask for those, thanks everybody, * thread lock *