I am a fan of B/S/T, and when I buy yoyos, I like to get my own bearing/axle. YoYoExpert has bearings, which is great, but axles? I really don’t want to buy off of YoYoNation, and love this product service a lot. But I guess I’d have to buy somewhere else…



they sometimes have axles at hardware stores like ace or home depot but im not sure what size


You like to get your own Axle ???

There should be an Axle in there… That should fit the yo-yo. If you go and buy a Axle for a yo-yo that already has an axle it will have to be the exact same, thus making it the same yo-yo and you wasting money.


Yes but if you see the point I’m trying to make… ::slight_smile:

Some axles get old and rusty/caked-up so I like new ones for mine. It also increases the life span of the yoyo.


Hardware store.

Or Clean them, that is possible.


I don’t want to buy them there when I can get a yoyo axle off of a yoyo website…

Oh, and cleaning doesn’t always do the job unless you get a axle protected acid that will burn rust off.


And pay 3 dollars (Plus Shipping) for it when at a hardware store it is 10cents?


Where is it 10 cents? Link? (Please) :slight_smile:


OR you could walk to the hardware store and buy an Axle for $0.10.

Oh no, I’m sorry that must be too painful to look for an axle so you should just get one online instead and play extreme amounts when you could get it for 20x less.

I said HARDWARE STORE, we arn’t even talking about a specific Axle so I couldn’t even show you a link. I am talking about a Hardware store.


If you’re talking about one, which one? :o


Home Depot, Ace Hardware, ect.

(Why do you remind me of…)



I just listed them, and you didn’t say or link! This is funn, but weird.


They will NOT have them online because no is stupid enough to buy them off of online.

Spencer, Spencer L, Yoyopro, Theyoyoempire, JamFan.


Who are they?

What if they did have them online! I’m sure you have no problem buying a yoyo offline! Or strings, or a bearing!


If they had them online you’d know they had them at stores!

Are you seriously too lazy or get in a Car and Drive there or Bike there and find out?


Not all stores.

I said this in my other post, I think bearings. Try and ride a bike on a highway and get pulled over by a cop and risk getting hit!


I said this again:

Take Sidewalk LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO or back roads.


Don’t have any…


Where do you live? Antarctica?


Do you not see the American Flag on my profile? Jeez…

I live in Florida.