Would you Recommend?


I found these screws online and I was wondering, “Would these be great for M4 8mm axle fitted yo-yos?”

I own a YYF Horizon and I’m trying to obtain its stock axle online.

If not, then I would like some advice to where I can find these in bulk so I won’t have to worry about buying more again.

I’d stick to the real stuff.

Looks right to me.

You can just buy them here, though.

I get all my stuff from AmazonSupply, since I have Amazon Prime, I can pretty easily get some stuff. I can get a pack of 100 8mm screws from there for ya if you’d like. That is the right size btw.

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By the real stuff he means the same stuff.

Its not like YYF turns out set screws, they buy them from a wholesaler.


That would be great~! I’m also trying to provide for some of my other friends who yo-yo, so getting the 100pk would be great :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just go to the hardware store???
It’s generally a stock item.

None of the hardware stores I know sell them. I’ve checked each of their inventory and they either don’t have them or don’t sell them. My best bet right now is online

Thats like saying to only use the flowable silicone yye sells…

I wouldn’t risk it.

Is this generally a problem with horizons?
I just got one in a trade with a striped axle,
Among other problems…
Btw YYE is out of YYF 8mm but C3 8mm fit

Maybe so~ And yes I’ve checked; they are out of stock. I’m planning to get a new yo-yo anyways probably from another company.

Anyone literally stripped their axle instead of the threading hole?