Where can you get axles for general yo's?

Yeah, so where can I buy a new axle for a general yo?

Dang I googled it and couldn’t find any info on the axle size… But I’ll give the thread a bump.

this mystical place called a hardware store. :stuck_out_tongue:
bring your yoyo, and see what size fits.

Check socket set screws first. If none of those, then just go to regular bolts and cut the head off.

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Just on a side not as to what Dynikus said, Set screws are made in all the bolt sizes and threads to if you can’t find a set screw then they are either out of them or don’t sell that size. It’s highly unlikely they won’t sell them though. AVE Hardware always has any setscrew I need so…

Ok guys, I emailed Ernie and he gave me the link to some. So just for future reference to anyone who is looking:

•8-32 3/8 SET SCREWS

Here is a link to some:

That’s great if you want a 100 of them… :wink:

It’s a standard hardware item - any decent hardware store should have them.

BTW - that seems awful short…

Well, I just put one in my Essence, it didn’t fix the vibe problem but it did fit. Maybe it is just for the Essence? idk

I wish my local home depot would sell m4 x.7 set screws. unfortunately though, they don’t sell them in metric. :confused:
so I had to go with a bolt and cut off the head.

i have a hatrick and the axel in it is crazy short. it plays smooth with no problem so idk

OK - I see your problem right off. :wink:

Home depot and Lowes are not hardware stores. They are builder supply stores. You need to go to an Ace or Our Own hardware, or Hardware Hank, or whatever they are called in your area. They have to have “hardware” in the name.

I’m really just commenting that they seem very short. I realize that is the design.

I just emailed earnie and he sent me a new one.