New axle for my Avalanche

I heard YYF’s axles can fit CLYW’s products but which one(s)? maybe something a little longer then the one it came with because I feel it was not long enough but that’s just me.

bring your avalanche to a hardware store
look for a headless bolt thing (I think they’re called socket set screws?) that’ll fit it.

If you can’t find a headless one, then just get a bolt with a head, and cut it off with like a hack saw. after cutting, sand the area you just cut a little so there are no sharp parts. put it in, and throw.

you’re good to go

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dont do that… go buy a 3 dollar axle from CLYW’s online store… its made to fit the product, and will work better then something you find in a store. you dont want to strip your ava…,19914.0.html
just go to a hardware store. it’ll cost you like a 10th of the price. A few months ago, I lost the axle to my dm2. I asked about it on here, and mrcnja told me:

Also I’ve stripped my 888’s axle before when I was satining it (tightened my drill too much) and I had to get some replacements. couldn’t find a long enough setscrew, so I got a bolt and cut off the end. to this day it still works just as good as the stock axle.