Yoyofficer Kilter Replacement Axle


I stripped my first axle. It was on my Yoyofficer Kilter. I can’t find replacement axles anywhere on the internet. Help would be appreciated.


Go to a local hardware store and find the set screws. These basically screws without the head part and the same thing as an axle. Take either the yoyo halves with you or the original axle so you can get the right size. If the don’t have the right length don’t worry because you can cut it down when you get home.


It’s just a simple screw. Go to a hardware store and buy one. Assuming of course that you stripped the axle threads and not the threads in the shell.


You can’t just go to a hardware store and assume your getting a good axle. There are several types of thread shapes and then there’s thread per inch count, you’ll strip your yoyo. Contact the company who made it and get a replacement.


You can definitely go to the hardware store. As jhb mentioned, the kicker is that it’s usually the yoyo halves that get stripped, not the axle (the halves being softer aluminum, the axle generally being steel).

If it’s indeed the axle, the overwhelming majority of yoyos use an M4, so that’s a good starting point.

Bring the yoyo half with you and try the screw carefully. If it doesn’t want to go in easily, don’t force it. If it goes in TOO easily at first and then before long meets resistance unexpectedly, it’s also wrong.

It’s REALLY easy to tell if you’ve matched up a screw to a threaded half… this isn’t rocket surgery. Either it goes on smoothly and easily or it doesn’t.


Sure you can. People have been doing it for a long time. Take the yoyo and the old axle. See what the thread size is for the old one and find a match. Quite simple really. No fuss no muss.


It goes without saying (but of course I’ll say it anyhow) that you don’t want the replacement to be longer than the original (unless the original was known to be way too short and you know the replacement won’t be too long, but that’s gotta be an ultra-rare exception).

You may not find a set screw that’s the right length out of the box. You can still get a longer machine screw (even with a head) and cut it to length with your tool of choice… I’ve used both hacksaw and Dremel cut-off wheels to good effect. Quick pass with a fine-toothed file to take off any burrs…

All common sense type stuff.


All “axles” or set screws are made to common lengths. IE, M4 you’ll find in 4,6,8,10,12,16 etc lengths. yoyo companies/designers don’t call out/spec out custom axles as it’d add more to the manufacturing cost, as well as make replacements down the road difficult.

So, 99% of the time a hardware store will have the right size set screw.

That all said, the custom-cut axle idea is definitely the sure-fire way to insure you get the right length part. I actually do this on almost all my plastics as they end up being some weird length nut face to nut face that I can’t just use any set screw. I think a Cosmo uses a 33.7mm length axle or something dumb lol.

So ya, just to fill in some facts don’t mean to come across as rude or anything.


You cannot find that range of M4 set screws in Canada in any hardware store. Online is a good bet, but there are usually minimum orders, which kinda sucks.

Didn’t seem rude to me at all, Landon. :wink:


Then just buy a regular screw and cut the head off.


Ha no way really?? That’s surprising to me!! I guess I didn’t consider location at all.